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Why Kannaway CBD?

Kannway products are superior. Don’t take my word for it. Read about it.

Why Work with Stacy?

I’ve been researching CBD for a while now, and my commitment to helping you is a personal goal.

Amazing results

I began taking CBD in May of 2018 to help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. I suffered from terrible knee pain and swelling of my finger joints. After about 2 months of taking Kannaway CBD, my knee pain decreased significantly and I was able to work out again. I also suffer from autoimmune issues and I have 5 nodules on my thyroid. When I went for my yearly ultrasound, 3 of the nodules had disappeared. I attribute this to the CBD. In addition, I am sleeping better and have experienced an overall sense of calm. All of these factors have made me passionate about Kannaway CBD and my mission is to educate the world about this amazing plant.

Robin B, age 52

“MacGyver” Salve

My Mom is 95 and just putting the least pressure on her skin can make it split like a laceration. I am a retired RN and the first time I used our Salve on a brand new split, I was simply amazed at the healing that occurred in 24 hours. I have worked in the ER and ICU and NEVER have seen healing this fast from anything anyone has used on wounds. It even takes all discomfort away. AMAZING stuff and I can see why many of us refer to it lovingly as MacGyver Salve because it truly does fix most everything.

Suzanne Bagley

Got my life back after Lyme Disease!

I suffered for over 3 years chronic pain extreme exhaustion but could sleep at night – swollen joints, neuropathy in feet could not walk !! Full spectrum oral applicator changed my life – got it back amazing !!

Karen Richardson

Drastic reduction in inflammation

I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and just had blood work for the first time since starting Kannaway CBD six months ago. I have changed nothing else in my life and my thyroid antibody levels are down well over 50%. This has got to be from a drastic reduction in the inflammation in my body! I was definitely feeling better, but to have the lab results to back it up is icing on the cake!

Jennifer Campbell

CBD has been an absolute miracle for me

I have FM and EDS …CBD has been an absolute miracle for me. I have more energy and less pain and anxiety than I have in over a decade. I am taking the full spectrum applicator and the full spectrum capsules which add up currently to 125mg a day and I just started a little over a month ago. I know not everyone feels the results right away because CBD can be a very subtle difference as you start taking it but I noticed right away…the inflammation in my neck was less, my feet didn’t take as long to uncurl when I stood up, and I felt less stressed. It wasn’t like taking a pain pill or xanax or a joint…my pain wasn’t gone but it wasnt as bad and I felt relaxed. I also noticed as the CBD started to wear off and pain crept back so I was quick to up my amount by adding an evening dose. After a little over a month I am absolutely thrilled with the results. So much has improved so far…my energy, my fatigue, my anxiety, my pain levels, even my clarity. I love this amazing plant and I also love knowing it is coming from safe triple lab tested organic soil (Kannaway’s promise).

Leah, age 37, Rockville, MD

Cured my dog…and then my knee!

My dog was feeling tremendous anxiety, and Stacy was so helpful and patient with me as she explained how I could administer Kannaway CBD to my dog…and after 1 week, my dog was completely cured. This peaked my curiosity so I had a conversation with Stacy about taking CBD myself, because I have a bad and very painful knee. I started using the Kannaway CBD paste, and I swear my knee has not hurt me since I started taking it. I can go back to all of my favorite gym classes. Stacy is so knowledgeable and passionate about helping people. I could not help but be swept up in the movement to help people learn about CBD and all of its healing properties. I am a brand ambassador now and I am learning new things from Stacy every day.

Karen M, age 50, Maryland

Love working with Stacy!

I have a family, and truly value my quality time with my loved ones. I also fell in love with Kannaway CBD and how it has alleviated my anxiety, joint pain and helps me sleep better. After I realized how great the products from Kannaway are, I spoke to Stacy about becoming a Brand Ambassador. She has done so much research on Kannaway as well as all of the other products out there in the marketplace. She is able to answer any questions that I have, and is so motivating. Stacy really wants to heal the world one person at a time. I love educating people I meet about Kannaway CBD, and I truly love working with Stacy! We laugh a lot, even though we are working hard!

Stacy W., age 52, Maryland
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